Massive 29K Price Reduction at Fairways Mauna Lani – act fast!

Are you looking to buy a condo on the Big Island of Hawaii?

Exterior of Fairways at Mauna Lani

Here are 5 reasons I think you should consider the Fairways at Mauna Lani Resort.  (and specifically Unit #1202)

Reason Number 1 – PETS ARE ALLOWED

Cat sleeping on HawaiiLife Computer

Pet “working” on computer

The Fairways at Mauna Lani Resort allows Pets!   I am a huge fan of dogs and cats.  I also am a fan of flexibility.  If you own a condo in the resort that does NOT allow pets (which is most of them) – then you have excluded a group of potential buyers when it becomes time for you to sell.   So even if you don’t have pets – having the option to have them is a big bonus.  (Cat is not included with sale!)

Reason Number 2 – The Pool is awesome

The pool and amenity center are centrally located and the design is resort inspired.  I love going by and seeing the waterfall cascading down the lava rocks into the hot tub.  I really feel like the pool evokes a feeling of a permanent Hawaii Island vacation.

Pool area

Fairways Mauna Lani Pool from above

Reason Number 3 – Short Term Vacation Rentals are allowed

A Bay Beach Club

Mauna Lani Beach Club – You get access as an owner when you join the Advantage Club (it’s free)

A short term rental is a rental for less than 30 days.   We have had some new laws pass about short term vacation rentals and if you want to know more – you should definitely talk to an agent who knows about Bill 108.  (Feel free to give me a call as I am following it very closely.)    One fact that is known about the new law is that condos inside of the resorts are allowed to do short term vacation rentals if they are not restricted by their own associations’ rules.  Fairways Mauna Lani is ok with short term rentals – whew!  You and your renters get access to the Advantage Club – which I wrote about here.

Reason number 4 – Outdoor BBQ is not only allowed – it is built in with a wet bar

Outdoor kitchen and lanai

Outdoor BBQ and Wet Bar

A stainless Steel Viking Gas Range on the Lanai is very inviting for living the outdoor Hawaii Lifestyle. Some people cook most of their meals outside because they can and I have to say – why not give it a try?

With a granite countertop and a wet bar – you are set up to win.  Ohia posts on the lanai help set the scene as well.  Note that not all complexes have built in BBQ’s and some don’t allow you to BBQ at all except in a common area.

Reason number 5 – The Lowest Price on a 3 bedroom Condo

Dining and Living Room with high ceilings

Dining Room and Living Room – note the high ceilings

The master bath is so big it is hard to capture with a camera.  There is also a full size walk in closet and dual sinks.

Soaking Tub and separate shower in master bath

Currently the lowest priced three bedroom condo at Fairways Mauna Lani is priced well below comparable units.  The owners got a great deal when they bought it – so they are passing the savings on to the next buyer.  They just dropped the price to $649,000.  This is my listing and I’d love to give you a tour.

Good thing I have a 3D Camera – so take a look around!

Here is the listing detailed information on the Hawaii Life Web

So those are 5 great reasons in my opinion – come take a look and let me know what your 5 are!

And if you don’t know where on the Big Island you want to live – try My Big Island Neighborhood Quiz